Self-Hypnosis Tapes

Baras-Foundation-Hypnos-Morpheus-TransHypnos Morpheus Self-Hypnosis Tapes available at The Baras Foundation Non-Profit Thrift Shop. 

A way which through relaxation and suggestion the conscious mind is put into a passive state and the subconscious becomes dominant ready for positive suggestions. Generally termed it is an altered state of consciousness.

How many tapes can I listen to in the same day? As many as you wish. The mind has no limits. The more often you listen the better your results.

Do I need to listen to both sides? Listen to the lecture until you have absorbed the information, then listen to either induction depending on your time available. There is a short induction on side 1 and a longer one on side 2.

Purpose It is the purpose of these tapes to give you both conscious and subconscious information enabling you to understand yourself and become a happier, healthier and more successful person, the easy way, through the power of your own mind. Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy: Research has proven your subconscious mind is far more receptive to suggestions when your body is totally relaxed. You might say, hypnosis is just like the reverie state prior to going in to a normal sleep. It’s been called “scientific daydreaming’. All you have to do, is sit back, relax, and listen…

How: For maximum benefit during hypnosis…

  • Sit in a comfortable chair. Do not lie down.
  • Feet flat on the floor, or out in front of you but not crossed.
  • Hands resting comfortably on the arms of the chair, or on your lap.
  • Head balanced easily, resting on the back of the chair.

What: These tapes are for self-improvement and self-development only. If you have a problem which could be considered psychological or medical, we urge you to see your doctor. Hypnosis is a normal and natural state, you experience it every night before you go to sleep. You experience the same phenomenon. Your body becomes very relaxed but your mind is very aware. Aware of normal everyday sounds. Should an emergency occur, or a need to answer the phone or the doorbell, you will immediately awaken yourself by counting from 1 to 5 and be fully awake and alert

Why: We are being constantly bombarded in today’s world with negative influences. It is imperative that you take control. Control of your mind, your body, your emotions, your very life. There is absolutely no aversion therapy or subliminals in any of our tapes. You are always aware of what is being programmed into your subconscious.

Where: Listen to the short lecture anytime, anywhere. While traveling, at home, at work, etc. The hypnosis inductions should be listened to only when you have a quiet place to relax and will not be disturbed. Do not listen while driving.

When: Listen as often as possible, the more you listen the greater the results. Listen to either induction (the long one or the short one) anytime of the day, whenever you can. The time of day is not important, the frequency is imperative. Listen at least twice a s day, it is important to your progress.

Who: Who listens to hypnotic tapes? Literally millions of people who like you, want to improve their lives the easy natural way. As you listen each day you will recharge, re-energize and revitalize. Just choose which induction, turn on your tape recorder, sit back, relax and watch your life change right before your eyes.

Hypno-Morpheus-Inside-Cover23 Different Titles Available:

  1. Be Creative. Fresh out of ideas? Think tank gone dry? Learn to get that creativity flowing… you mind is limitless!
  2. Be Free. No longer available.
  3. Bowling. No longer available.
  4. Concentration. Mind wander? Too many distractions? This tape can show you how to put mental blinder on and stay focused with concentration beyond belief!
  5. Eliminate Stress. No longer available.
  6. Golf. Tee-ed off with high scores? Frustrating hook? Cant’ make par? Learn the secrets of the top pros and watch those birdies.
  7. Happiness. Unhappy? Miserable? Lonely? This tape is for you. Listen daily and watch your life brighten up the easy way.
  8. How To Make Children Behave. No longer available.
  9. Improve Your Memory. Forget easily? Can’t remember names? Lost those keys again? This tape is for you. Make your memory crystal clear.
  10. Negativity. Want to become a more positive person? Want to change those around you? You will be amazed at how easy it really is.
  11. Power with People. Tired of being taken advantage of? Feel intimidated? Learn how to motivate others to see your point of view quickly.
  12. Procrastination. Are you always living in tomorrow? Don’t put if off any longer – do it now – become organized, efficient, and disciplined.
  13. Relationships. Feeling trapped? Another break-up? Tired of the same mistakes? Create your ideal relationship and make it forever.
  14. Restful Sleep. Toss and turn all night? Wake up feeling tired? Listen to this tape and sleep restfully, soundly.  Wake up energetically.
  15. Self-Confidence. Afraid of rejection, easily intimidated? Tired of being taken advantage of? Become more assertive, assured and confident!
  16. Self Hypnosis in 60-minutes. People and conditions got a hold on you? Feel you are not in control of your life? It’s time for you to take control the easy way.
  17. SellingNo longer available.
  18. Sensual Woman. No longer available.
  19. Setting And Achieving Goals. No longer available.
  20. Speed Reading. Always trying to catch up because you read too slowly? Listen to this tape and zip through material and retain even more…the easy way.
  21. Staying Well. Tired of feeling badly? Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Listen and learn how to stay well. Your health is important.
  22. Stop Smoking. Tired of coughing? Nicotine stains? Being unhealthy? Kick the smoking habit easily and permanently?
  23. Study Can Be Easy. Hate to study? Tired of cramming? Need to concentrate? Listen to this tape and watch your grades go up…the easy way.
  24. Success. Tired of failing? Want that promotion? Understand success and how to attain it.  Learn from a ‘pro’ who proves on a practical level that you, too, can be a success.
  25. Successful Exam Taking. Nervous? Tense? Mind goes blank? Let go of panic and watch those scores go up as you ‘enjoy’ taking exams.
  26. Take Control of Your Life. Other people and conditions controlling your life? You must become a self-reliant person and take control of your mind, body, emotions your very life.
  27. Tennis. No longer available.
  28. Uptight?. No longer available.
  29. The Cosmic Joke. No longer available.
  30. Weight Control. Discouraged? Tired of diets? Nothing seems to work? Start now to become a slim, trim, vibrant, energetic person, using the power of your own mind.
  31. What’s Wrong With You? Everyone is always telling us what is wrong.  Maybe there is something right with you.  Understand your real potential…a real shocker.
  32.    Yesterday Is Gone. Living in the past? Can’t let go? Re-living all the hurts, the anger? Break loose and start really living…the easy way.
  33. Your Special Place. Need to unwind? Need to revitalize? Need to recharge? Visit your special place and watch those tensions disappear.

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