thumbnailFounders Bill Baras, Ph.D and Carol Baras


Who was Bill Baras, Ph.D. (1926-2004)?

Vasilios (Bill) Theophanis Baras is a modern day Greek philosopher who “walks like he talks.” He was a teacher, a philosopher, a humanitarian, a student, and a businessman. (He and Carol developed 10 companies in 15 years.) He radiateed success, enthusiasm, and a real sense of caring for everyone. He was a pioneer and a leader in the field of behavior changes through altered states of consciousness.

In addition to teaching rational emotive behavior modification to over 60,000 students, he worked with PGA touring golf pros; NFL and both National and American League baseball players. He has conducted programs for staff and patients for 12-years in alcohol and drug abuse at the VA Medical Center in La Jolla, California.

He has worked with numerous law enforcement agencies, the YPO and many others. Bill was a frequent guest on TV and the star of his own 26-week TV series. He was sought after by major corporations to motivate their executives. He was a member of the Health Systems Agency, and a fellow of the American College of Clinical Hypnosis.

His philosophy was, “Today is the most important day of your life…live it!” The deep and gratifying satisfaction Bill experienced in his teachings can only be surpassed by the individual demonstration of each student as he takes firm and successful control of his life.

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Who is Carol Baras?

Carol Baras was born and raised in Chicago, entered SDSU at 16 and was the first female radio personality in San Diego at KSDO, (Carol’s Frolics, 1947). And that’s just the first paragraph.

In 1961, she met Bill Baras and in the 70′s they started an alcohol abuse rehabilitation program for alcoholics at La Jolla Veterans Hospital. In 1968 she married Bill Baras.  They decided early on to ignore birthdays and anniversaries; opting instead to give each other presents on a semi-continuous basis “just because I was thinking of you”.

During 28-years they transformed countless lives through hypnosis and self-hypnosis in the Hypnos Morpheus and Baras Seminars for self-improvement. Hypnos is the Greek god of sleep and Morpheus, the god of change and therein lies the tale: through hypnosis, you can change anything about yourself.

After relating the story of the little crying curb-side boy at one the seminars, the class decided on the spot to implement her vision of a call-in line for children to hear an uplifting message. The class contributed $ 750 for the first telephone answering machine. Another soon followed and Carol became the Story Lady reading a rotating inventory of over 90-messages to over 19,000 kids a month.

As a result of her dedication and energy, she has been interviewed on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Hour Magazine, ABC Radio, Canadian Broadcasting, PBS, and many others. Her message has been carried in interviews in People Magazine, The New York Times, San Diego Magazine, San Diego Business Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Ms Magazine, and dozens more.

Carol has worked with law enforcement agencies helping witnesses and victims recall details and work through trauma. She conducted seminars throughout the state for Advanced Officer Training. She has received numerous commendations and awards from the San Diego Police Department, the San Diego Sheriffs Department, Criminal Justice Institute and others.

Her greatest joy is helping people discover their own potential for living life happily, healthily and successfully. When accused of being a workaholic, she says, “No, I’m a pleasure-holic. To me, these efforts are a pleasure. When it becomes work, I’ll quit.”

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